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Who is kaz?



Painting - a pursuit as old as civilization itself.

Some do it for money, some for glory, some for political ends. And then there are those who do it purely for the joy of painting. Kaz Djordjevic surely falls into that latter category, and it’s evident in her large-scale abstract works. Brightly coloured, textural, dynamic and expressive, the exuberance of the process is visible in every stroke. 


Kaz describes her painting practice as a dance, a performance, an adrenaline rush; creating works through a process involving music and movement - relying on natural instinct to 'play' with the colours, forms and textures as she procures them on the canvas. Her paintings allow you to see the age-old act of painting manifested with as much excitement and freshness as if it were invented yesterday.


Using music to guide her process; each creation is painted while Kaz absorbs an aural narrative - harnessing the emotion and energy she feels; moving and grooving to music, one album at a time, over and over until the resultant work is completed. The quirky names of the subsequent paintings are derived from the lyrics, sometimes a descriptive ‘mash-up’ of words from throughout an album. 


Her palette is limitless with unusual and highly improbable mixes of colours. They are brilliantly bold, whilst intuitively balanced. Djordjevic begins her paintings with no plan, no expectation as to what the canvas will become; her innate sense of colour and space has established a style that is vibrant and innovative.  The naivety that is maintained will constantly surprise you, as you find yourself fascinated by her works on a very intimate level.

Kaz at her home studio in Melbourne.

Getting back to basics.

From a young age, Kaz trained as a dancer, growing up on stage in a highly creative environment. The connection with music inspiring her artworks comes from being surrounded by such a broad range of music styles from a young age. This paved the way for music to be a huge part of her everyday life, even to this day. She reiterates creating in the manner she does, really makes her soul sing.


Growing up in Perth, Western Australia - officially the most isolated city in the World - Kaz was influenced heavily by Arthouse movies and French & Italian Vogue magazines, all while dreaming big of what she might create and where she might explore.


Master Photographers and B&W imagery played a pivotal role in her choice of career direction; being in awe of the strong concepts, enigmatic and technically brilliant photographic works such that Ansel Adams, the Magnum Group, Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon, Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh and others produced. As an adult, this lead Kaz to study multi-disciplines of photography and art & design : fashion & textiles at a tertiary level. She has since worked professionally in various creative roles from fashion photography & styling, to creative direction and brand development.


With her paintings, she is hoping to become well known for exploring the creative process, pushing the boundaries to create something that is surprising and real, and instantly recognisably as a Kaz Djordjevic artwork.


Kaz Djordjevic Studio offers a grounded, back to basics approach through art. You are acquiring an artwork that takes time to make, being made by true artisans who are very hands on; made by hand firstly by Kaz painting the canvases, and secondly by master printers who utilise hand finishing.  She is very much about removing the ‘machine’ as much as possible, while producing the highest quality achievable.


“I recognise and promote the fact that, as a global community, we feel a growing urge to ground ourselves, to somehow immerse ourselves back into the basics, to make real connections,” Djordjevic says.


From one glance you will notice the timelessness of Kaz's paintings. You are choosing an artwork or series that will be with you for your lifetime, reflecting your personal style and attitudes, even growing with you. Her aim is to create a personal and natural balance between the works and your life, making an intimate connection with your spirit by bringing these extraordinary paintings into your personal space.


The Kaz Djordjevic fine-art print range is a great solution if you want to collect authentic works and are keen to directly support Artists through the acquisition of works. The 'Our Place' limited edition collection allows you to put together a collection of works in your self curated style and manner. Most importantly though, also in your own time.


“It’s not about nostalgia, but about recognising the harmony and comfort that can come from getting rid of stuff that is meaningless and disposable, and replacing it with what is authentic and lasting. It’s a yearning, I think, for art, and that’s what I’m hoping to bring into more people’s lives.