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Whatever your need, whatever your idea, whatever you want - Kaz will make it happen!

The beauty of Kaz Djordjevic prints being hand made to order, is that Kaz has the flexibility to produce customised orders to truly make a piece your own. There is no limit to her imagination, so if you are looking for something extra special, Kaz is ready to inspire you, creating unique and beautiful prints to make your space amazing.


“It’s great to work with clients one on one, to discuss the vision a client may have, what their specific needs may be, brainstorming ideas and guiding them through the entire creation process.”


Kaz understands how personal selecting artwork for your interior space is, so the customer is included in every step of the process to make sure the final product you receive is perfect. By utilising hand finishing techniques that cannot be replicated by mainstream printing processes you can commission a beautifully unique piece of artwork that is one of a kind.


“I’m always up for a challenge and love exploring different mediums and finishes to reimagine my original artworks in an innovative way. I find it really fun to push the boundaries, creating an individual piece for my clients and having my works looked at in a new way.”


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For custom orders there is usually a 2 - 4 week creative turnaround depending on the complexities involved. 

Custom order costings

Costings will be advised specifically for each custom order request, post-consultation with Kaz Djordjevic Studio. 


To ensure clients receive exactly what they envision, test strips and a final proofing print with a section of the artwork will be supplied for all custom orders that require more than purely sizing and cropping customisation. Final work will be produced once sign off on the proof is received.

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Please contact Kaz Djordjevic Studio to receive a proposal with print packages tailored for your project.